Things I love…

They’re like Oprah’s things or Martha Stewart’s things, only they’re mine and I’m way more awesome.

1) Late Night Snack ice cream by Ben & Jerry’s (of course, I’m vegan now so I don’t eat this, but it’s still delicious in theory)

2) Dancing until I sweat so hard that my bangs are plastered back against my head

3) Metric

4) George Seurat

5) Carlos Ruiz Zafon

6) The smell of back alleyways in Rome

7) Amazing coffee like this

8 ) The breath of a lover on the back of your neck

9) Dawes

10) Views like this one

11) A book so good you forget yourself for hours and just read. Haven’t found one of those in awhile. Speaking of which, tomorrow I am off to the

12) Library.  I love getting lost in the stacks, opening pages, smelling the scent of old paper and ink. Comforting. Home.

13) Walking uphill until my breath comes fast and my heart quickens.

14) Truly excellent kissing

15) The sweet pain you feel after an incredibly arduous workout

16) Kathleen Edwards – “you spend half your life tryin’ to turn the other half around” might be the most genius words ever sung

17) Philip Roth – I gasped out loud. Usually books don’t surprise me that much.

18) Ripe summer peaches

19) Margherita pizza. The best one in the world is here.

20) Cannabis Santal perfume by Fresh. Sex in a smell.

21) A dog’s head resting on your shoulder, content and relaxed.

22) Champagne mangoes

23) perhaps trite to say it, but the smell of rain

24) getting to speak Italian again after a four month hiatus

25) baking and giving away what I make

26) Chucks (Converse). Wear a pair and my heart will inevitably be yours.

27) Electricity

28) Yoga. The only thing that stills my mind.

29) Finding someone with whom you have lots of things in common

30) Knowing you’ll soon see an old friend

31) Reading books about cooking – they make me hungry and inspire me to try new things in the kitchen

32) Anticipation

33) Mix CDs

34) Unexpected days off of work – no matter the reason

35) Hearing lyrics that challenge your mind

36) Discovering unexpected food treasures in your neighborhood (like Juliana’s Kitchen)

37) poetry I didn’t write

38) double entendres

39) freshly baked bread

40) the first snow of the season

41) This song by The Neighbourhood

42) crying at curtain calls

43) being tuned in to another person

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