Travel Writing

January, 2015:

Rome and Madrid in January:

January 5, 2013:

Rome and Barcelona in December:

December 31, 2011:

I have never shared my trip reports before – and I’m not sure how that happened. I’m linking here to all the reports I have posted on Italy (and Montreal) on They are a fun read.—traveling-with-my-parents-aka-oh-my-god-am-i-out-of-my-mind-with-many-restaurant.cfm


July 10, 2011:

The road trip destination is decided: Boston. Boston in August with the dog. A really nice hotel (my first time ever in a four star). Screw it – you only live once.

July 8, 2011:

On my break from work in August, I’m going to go somewhere with the dog. Anywhere. Road trip. Does anyone have any good suggestions for dog-friendly road trips? I just want to get in the car and drive with some great music playing in the background and dog as my co-pilot.

June 21, 2011:

Dear Italy,

Wait for me, okay?


June 14, 2011:

Oh, I long to go somewhere. Somewhere so far away from here – far away from my responsibilities, from the weight of failed love, from the guilt of family and the stress of work.  I want to pack essentials in my car and just drive.  Drive, drive, drive into a different state of mind. I hold out for my vacation in August, when I will take the time for myself to get away from what it feels like to be myself right now.

June 12, 2011:

I just finished watching Enchanted April, a movie I hadn’t seen before but probably should have. I want to go to Italy, so badly that I can taste it. I want to take a month, rent a villa, and lose myself.  I don’t want to find love – I just want to find myself. Whenever I feel the desire to know myself and learn more about the deepest parts of my character, I find that my heart wants to go to Italy….

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