for a.

you’re done with the missing
you’ve closed up the void
you’ve allowed the soul’s vacuum
you tried so hard to avoid
to swallow you up
let the breach be destroyed
and now you’re staring straight into the sun

you don’t even see me
you’ve shuttered your eyes
to the sweet spoken sights
of our early goodbyes
and the northern lights
of the hard morning skies
could make you think that i was the one

you’re over this bitterness
you’ve taken the grains
of the salt that we spread
on the tracks of our veins
and you’ve watered it down
to a briny refrain
of the tears that’ll dry when we’re done

you no longer know me
your mind is a veil
that is drawn over
the shares where we failed
and the parcels of nations
like holy grails
where the hearts of lovers were won

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