a thousand elephants hunkered down on my chest,
a savanna of sorts
they waited for water, scouted for shade
ambled in perfect circles, tails to trunks
in an invisible circus

they’ve begun to wear a path now,
down through my skin
they dance on my nerves
and tread heavily through the deep tissue

they can’t see where they’re going anymore
so far down are they
they just follow the elephant directly in front of them
never requesting a destination

eventually (soon) they’ll drop through to the other side
and you’d think i’d feel lighter with them gone
but i’ll feel the weight of their absence
and the burdensome promise of their return

2 thoughts on “pa(ni)chyderms

    1. Thank you. After reading your poems, I’m even more grateful for your comments. They are masterful, charming, delightful – your poems, not your comments…although those aren’t bad, either. 😉

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