My Darlin’ Fluoxetine

in a cavern, in a canyon
excavating for my mind
lived a lover, lived no other
but my darling fluoxetine

oh my darlin’, oh my darlin’
oh my darlin’ fluoxetine
you are lost and gone forever
oh my darlin’ fluoxetine

light she was and like a fairy
breakin’ up the daily grind
slower impacts and impulses
from my darlin’ fluoxetine


drove me to the edge of nothing
towards a box of knotty pine
left her swimming in the water
couldn’t bear my fluoxetine


all the words I’d long forgotten
all emotions now were mine
but I can’t help reminiscing
’bout my darlin’ fluoxetine


In my dreams she still does haunt me
in the night, by my design
Though I used to draw her near me
I’ve laid to rest my fluoxetine.

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